Saturday, April 26, 2008

energy movement

-is the process by which a person plans or organizes the activities to maximize the use of effort.
fatigue- is a stage where one feels tired of working.
classification of fatigue
1.physical is cased by over worked muscles.
2.psychologically caused by emotional problems like boredom, frustrations, conflicts and and depression.
3.pathological-is the result of physical disorder in the body.
work simplication-is the conscious effort of working for the simples, easies, quickest and most economical way of doing a task.
principle of work simplication
1.leave out some parts of the task you can.
2.accomplish one task as you do another.
3.keep everything with in easy reach.
4.use the best tool.
5.antain the best posture while working.

Friday, April 25, 2008

energy management

time management...

-is the process by which one makes use of time to attain both individual and family goods.
time plan-is an important tool that leads one to think about many works leads one to think about many work.
1.list down all the activities you plan to do form the time you sleep.
2.estimate the amount of time you sleep. required for each activity you list.
3.add all the estimate all the estimated time required to accomplish the activities in your list.
4.make adjustments with the time required for the activities and your available time.
5.arrange the activities according to what you want to do early in the morning up to late in the evening.

time management

income management....

-is the process of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating the use of resources to satisfy the family needs and desires.
FAMILY INCOME-is the steam of money, goods, services and satisfaction received by the family.
FORMS OF FAMILY INCOME income-comes in the form of salary, wage, and other sources.
salary-is the amount of money received monthly by professionals.
wage-is the amount of money received daily for vendering service by unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers.
1.divided of goods of properties
3.inheritance 8.pension 9.prizes
5.interest from bank deposits

2.real income-comes in the form of goods and services
3.physic income-comes inform or satisfaction.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

decision making

-is an activity independent to solve a is an important aspect of management.
steps in decision making
1.identify the problem.
2.obtain in formation about the problem.
3.formulate courses of action. the best course of action.
5.make a plan and do it.
6.evaluate the result.

housing and family economics

home management-refers to the process by which a family uses different available resources to attain its goals this involve a sequence of activity which should be done as little time, money and effort as possible.
phrases of home life that require
skill management. adjustment.
2.budgeting the family income.
3.feeding family. the family.
5.keeping the house and surrounding.
6.keeping the house and surrounding convenience.
7.comfortable shaft and health full.